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 Creating Gift Tags and Ornaments

 Printing Miniature Quilts

 Santa and the Elves Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree

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Grab some nice paper, lots of glittery thread, your rotary cutter and maybe some fancy scissors.

Get ready to create your own unique holiday gift cards and tree ornaments.

Cat PlayString a set of gift tags,
Stash them in a basket.
Beware the sneaky kitty,
She sees a tag and grabs it.

Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Moe - Catch a gift tag with my toe!



Here's how to use EQ3 to make GIFT TAGS and ORNAMENTS:


  1. Select appropriate blocks for your holiday theme. EQ has all kinds of holiday blocks:
    1. In the Applique Library's Holiday Foundations category you'll find:
      1. an angel
      2. a Santa
      3. gift boxes
      4. trees
      5. a candle
    2. The Christmas file and the Wreath file in the Appliqué Library are also full of great designs.
    3. Don't forget all the other patchwork files with stars and trees!
  2. Color your blocks with holiday colors. I suggest using the same background color in all the blocks to make it easier to cut the blocks apart neatly.
  3. Create a horizontal quilt layout.
    1. To make square gift tags set your layout for:
      1. Horizontal: 4 blocks
      2. Vertical: 6 blocks
      3. Block size: 4.00 x 4.00 inch
      4. Sashing: .25 (to allow for a little extra cutting space)
    2. To make rectangular gift tags set your layout for:
      1. Horizontal: 4 blocks
      2. Vertical: 5 blocks
      3. Block size: 4.00 x 6.00
      4. Sashing: .25 (to allow for a little extra cutting space)
  4. Set blocks into your quilt. You will cut out pairs of these blocks to make gift tags.Fill the quilt layout with your colored blocks.
    1. Place blocks in sets of two so the same block will appear on each side of the tag.
    2. Be sure to color the sashing the same color as the background of your blocks.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Print your quilt. TIP: To make the insides of the gift tags look nicer, you may want to print on light colored stationary, rather than white paper.
  7. Cut the printed quilt into sets of two horizontal blocks each, using a rotary cutter to get nice straight edges.
  8. Fold each set of blocks in the middle and trim the edges to match if necessary. Gift Cards
Make gift cards with Sharon Dinsmore

More Design Tips:

  • FANCY EDGES: Try cutting fancy edges on your gift tags using a pair of decorative-edge paper scissors. The purple ones in the picture are Paper Edgers from Fiskars. You'll find them at most craft stores.
  • CHORDS: If you want your gift tags to hang from a cord, try this quick technique:
    1. Thread a large-eyed needle with a long strand of heavy decorative thread, yarn or cord.
    2. Open the fold gift tags and stack 5 to 10 gift tags together neatly.
    3. Stab the needle about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch down from the top of the tags and pull about half of the cord through to the other side of the stack. (Tip: Store gift tags this way in a basket until you are ready to use them.)
    4. Slide each gift tag down the cord and cut off just the right amount of cord for each tag. Make the cords long enough to tie a knot in them - about 5 to 6 inches per tag.

Gift Tag Variations:

  • TOP-FOLDS: To make tags that fold at the top, rather than the side:
    1. Use a grid with an even number of rows.
    2. For symmetrical designs like Santas, and trees, rotate the first row and every other row so the tops are where the fold of the gift tag will be.
    3. Cut into vertical pairs.
  • FLAT TAGS: To make flat (not folding) tags:
    1. Cut out single blocks.
    2. Write on the back of the card.
    3. To make single block tags a little heavier, glue the entire printed quilt onto a heavy colorful paper, let dry, then cut the cards apart.
  • LAMINATED TAGS: To make heavy-duty single block gift tags:
    1. Take the printed quilt(s) to a copy shop
    2. Have each page laminated.
    3. Cut apart and thread as described earlier.
    4. Write on these laminated gift tags with the kind of marker teachers and speakers use to write on overhead transparencies. I use Sanford Vis-a-Vis water soluble markers so the tags can be erased and reused.
Use these label techniques throughout the year for all your gift-giving needs. It's easy to find an EQ (or BlockBase) block to fit every occasion.



  1. Use the techniques described above for creating single block gift tags, but increase the number of blocks (both vertically and horizontally) in the quilt layout. Each block will print much smaller.
  2. Laminated tags work best as ornaments because they will be heavy enough to hang properly and will last a long time.

Full Size

    To make full size tree ornaments, there is no need to create the quilt layout.

    • Print large blocks out individually.
    • Or, place several blocks on a PAGE using the Page Tools, then print out the page. Blocks set onto the page in a 3-inch size.
    • Glue or laminate the blocks to a colorful sheet of paper for the back side, cut ornaments apart and thread with a cord or yarn.


 Creating Gift Tags and Ornaments

 Printing Miniature Quilts

 Santa and the Elves Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree

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