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Meet Sharon Hull Dinsmore

Sharon is a self-described “fanatic” about finding ways to use the computer as a tool in her quilting and sewing. Her passion is a natural extension of her life-long love of fabrics and handwork and her technical career in computing. As a teenager, she spent hours immersed in sewing clothing which led her to obtain a bachelor's degree in Clothing and Textiles Merchandising.

In her college years she began quilting when she decided to create baby quilts for several friends. But Sharon credits joining a quilt guild and discovering International Quilt Festival in the late 80's with pushing her over the edge in her enthusiasm for quilting.


Meanwhile on the career front, in the early 80's while in graduate school, Sharon discovered personal computers and was so taken with them that she redirected her career towards helping people learn to use computer applications on these fun new tools.

That career took a natural turn in the early 1990's when she discovered computer graphics and started experimenting with computer based quilt design. Shortly afterwards she began teaching other quilters to use the Electric Quilt software.

In 1992 she started Quilter's Computing Resource, a company dedicated to teaching quilters and sewing enthusiasts how to use computers for both fun and business. Since that time she has lectured and taught computer workshops for quilters both locally and nationally.

Ladybugs 'n Sunflowers Wall Hanging
Designed in Electric Quilt 3.
Machine pieced, appliqued & quilted.


Over the years Sharon discovered many other fun ways to use the computer in quilting and sewing projects and added these new techniques to her teaching topics. For instance, in the early 90's she started playing with printing quilt designs and clipart imagery to fabric.

What could be faster and more fun that designing a quilt, printing a miniature color version and turning it into a tiny quilt with just an hour or so of quilting? She was hooked.

Santa and His Elves Mini Quilt
Designed in EQ4.
Printed to fabric and machine quilted.

In the mid 90's, when Sharon began developing web sites and using photo software on almost a daily basis, she began experimenting with scanning photographs and printing them to fabric. She also discovered the fun of using embroidery software to digitize machine embroidery designs. Naturally, she designed quilts around her printed photos and occassionally added machine embroidery to embellish her photo quilts.

Quilt Loving Kitty
Photos taken and printed to fabric by Sharon Dinsmore
Machine embroidery digitized from 2 Sandy Gervais patterns.
Quilt constructed by Mary Alice Pruessner.


Then along came the digital camera and Sharon became enthralled with taking nature photographs and using the computer to manipulate those photos into artistic imagery that she could print and incorporate into her quilts. She has literally thousands of nature photos waited to be played with and turned into some kind of fabric creation.

Her latest experiments involve adding additional layers to her printed quilt imagery with paint, markers, beads, buttons, thread and embroidery.

Nesting Roseate Spoonbills
Photograph by Sharon Dinsmore.
Photo manipulated with a dry brush effect and printed to fabric.
Border fabric created from bird feathers in image.




Sharon's latest direction with Quilter's Computing Resource is to offer Fabric Nature Photo Panels featuring her bird, wildflower and other nature photos. She introduced her Artful Lenscapes Fabric Nature Photo Panels line in 2017 and offers the fabric panels through quilt shops. The American Goldfinch fabric panel shown to the left is just one of her designs available on cotton sateen fabric.
Visit Artful Lenscape (artful-lenscapes.com) for more details about where to buy these fabric images.

Sharon is a fanatic about photographing birds, wildflowers, butterflies and other nature scenes and continues to expand the images that are offered on both fabric and canvas.

American Goldfinch
Artful Lenscapes Nature Photo Panel
by Sharon Dinsmore.
17" square cotton sateen fabric panel



Through this website, Sharon shares some of her computer quilting projects and information on a variety of topics that she has taught about over the years. She chose her domain name because it sums up her enthusiasm for using the computer in sewing and quilting and is a shortened version of her slogan “Computing is Sew Much Fun”.

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