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Fabric Printing


We've been experimenting with and lecturing on the creative possibilities of a computer, graphics software and a printer since the early 1990's. Luckily, thanks to advances in printing technology and ink formulas as well as some creative new products for fabric printing - the options just keep expanding!


In 2001 QCR owner, Sharon Hull Dinsmore, teamed up with Craig Hamer of the Hewlett-Packard Business Printing Division to present a lecture, called Computer Creativity, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. The main emphasis of the lecture was on fabric printing so we provided an overview of:

  1. Software tools for creating images or for manipulating photographs
  2. Fabric printing products (which make it possible to print directly to fabric)
  3. Image transfer products
  4. Creative ways to use printed fabrics (from clothing and quilts to balloons and kites)

We've posted the PowerPoint slides from the lecture. This slide presentation summarizes the ideas we presented as well as provides step-by-step instructions for using Bubble Jet Set 2000 to prepare your own fabrics for computer printing. So, for a bit of inspiration and some details on printing on fabric, take a look at that presentation...

Start Computer Creativity Lecture PowerPoint Presentation

Many new fabric printing products as well as books about printing to fabric have appeared on the market since our lecture in 2001. Our Fabric Printing Resources page tells about some of these products and books. We'll keep it updated as we find out about the latest products.

To get some other ideas about fabric printing, visit our Quilt Design web page where we show off some miniature quilt printing ideas.

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