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In addition to exploring all sorts of options for using computer software to create quilt imagery, we have worked with The Electric Quilt Company and their wonderful Electric Quilt software products since 1992. They are our favorite line of products due to both their capabilities and the wonderful support the company provides to users. It has been exciting to watch the changes in quilt design software since 1992. Several quilt design software products have emerged (and some have faded away).

The Electric Quilt software has kept pace with the advances in both computer graphics capabilities and with the increasing sophistication (i.e. requirements and wish-lists) of computer-using quilt designers.


Sharon Dinsmore's first experiments with computer based quilt design focused heavily on creating foundation piecing patterns and she shared a couple of those designs with EQ users through EQ's Floppy Gazette and later through the EQ website. For instance, we created a series of "Crafty Ideas" for Holiday Projects which we shared a few years ago on the Electric Quilt web site. It is quick and easy to create quilted projects for holiday gifts using these fast and simple ideas. Visit our Crafty Ideas for Holiday Projects page to see these ideas. Although the instructions were written for an early version of EQ, the ideas are still very useful for current versions of EQ.

Many of the quilts that Sharon has designed with EQ over the years can be seen in the Computer Creativity slideshow that was used in Sharon and Craig Hamer's Computer Creativity lecture at the 2001 International Quilt Festival.


For a list of Sharon's upcoming Electric Quilt Classes, contact her using the information below.


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